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St. Andrew’s List of Charges – Price Transparency Initiative

St. Andrew’s Charges – Price Transparency Initiative

Below are links to the St. Andrew’s Price Transparency files as required by CMS.  If you need assistance reading these, please contact us.  Note that these prices – even those that appear to be payer specific – may not be the amount you will owe because these do not include any amounts covered by your insurer.

If you are interested in determining what you will need to pay for a specific procedure or service, please call us at (701) 228-9300 and ask for the Community Resource Coordinator (CRC).  If your insurer is one that is willing to share their payment structure with us, we can help estimate your out-of-pocket costs.  We can also assist you with setting up payment plans, applying for Medicaid or Expanded Medicaid if you qualify, or determining if you are a candidate for Financial Assistance.

Note that prices for pharmaceuticals are based on average wholesale price (AWP). AWP is based on an average of the price paid by pharmacies to purchase the drug from wholesalers (which can vary based on the contracts each pharmacy or pharmacy chain has with each wholesaler). As AWP changes, our prices will change and this price list may not reflect the latest price.

Standard Charges– this file contains all services provided by St. Andrew’s.  If you do not have insurance and you pay within 30 days of service, you are eligible for the discounted cash price.  All other prices shown are those that were negotiated with the relevant insurance company.

300 Shoppable Services– this file contains 70 procedures mandated by CMS plus additional services by volume to get the top 300 services provided by St. Andrew’s.  It includes the normal services and costs associated with that procedure.  When reviewing this file, please note:

  • Prices shown for services are those billed by St. Andrew’s when the performing provider is employed by St. Andrew’s. There are some services where the performing provider is independent and they will bill separately.  Andrew’s has no control over what those independent providers bill for their services.  This also applies to radiology and pathology interpretations.
  • Services shown are those that are routine. Your situation may require additional services beyond those shown; to be determined by your provider.
  • For procedures that also include a clinic or emergency room visit, the level shown will generally be the middle level (if there are 5 levels, a level 3 visit is shown).