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Rehab & TCU

At SMP Health – St. Catherine South, we offer rehabilitation services provided by in-house licensed professionals in the areas of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Our team of health care professionals work together to treat residents who have had strokes, brain injuries, amputations, joint replacements, swallowing difficulties, or generalized weakness due to chronic illness. The team develops individualized therapy programs for each person. Our primary goal is to return residents to their highest possible level of functioning, which is very often back in their own home or to a lesser level of care.

SMP Health – St. Catherine South’s professional health care offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.


Skilled physical therapy treatments include:

  • Training in areas of bed mobility, transfers, and gait (with or without an assistive device)
  • Treatment of lower extremity functional limitations
  • Strength training and coordination
  • Range of motion therapy

Occupational therapy addresses important elements in the treatment of individuals experiencing functional limitations in basic care skills and activities of daily living. An occupational therapy treatment plan may include:

  • Fine and gross motor control development
  • One-handed dressing techniques, grooming, bathing, and home management skills
  • Training in the use of self-help aids
  • Cognitive skills development
  • Upper body strengthening and coordination
  • Home evaluation to assess need for adaptive equipment and to promote safety

In speech therapy, residents are evaluated and treated for hearing, language, communication, and swallowing disorders. The focus is on improving speech-language expression, comprehension, oral motor skills for more accurate speech production, and strategies for safe eating. Therapy may include:

  • Receptive/expressive language therapy
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Swallowing management


It may seem difficult to know if you’re asking the right questions as you seek rehabilitation services for yourself or for those you love. Our team is here, and ready to help you every step of the way.