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About Us

SMP Health – St. Catherine South has offered Catholic healthcare to the Fargo-Moorhead area for more than 45 years. With 140 beds, our Fargo nursing home provides residents with long-term, high-quality healthcare.

SMP Health – St. Catherine South is modeled after the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, a Catholic healthcare organization that provides a variety of services and facilities. We strive to carry out Jesus’s healing mission by providing respect and compassion to all individuals who are in our care.

In addition to providing skilled, compassionate care, we also offer rehabilitation services, hospice and palliative care, personalized activities, spiritual support, and a setting that feels like home to residents.

Intergenerational Program

In March 1980, the SMP Health – St. Catherine South Childcare Center opened. Having children present adds to the home-like environment in our facility. Daily interactions between the kids and the residents take place including hand-delivered birthday cards, one-on-one visits to the residents’ rooms, and joint participation in group activities.

The daycare facility at SMP Health – St. Catherine South is open to serve your family’s needs. We strive to provide an atmosphere for your child that is comfortable and offers appropriate stimulation for their age group. Each child is valued as an individual, and we make every effort to fulfill their needs in a personalized fashion.

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

Our Logo And It’s Symbolism

An appropriate understanding of the mission of SMP Health and its ministries requires that we continually acknowledge our source in the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation. Their sponsorship is never to be overlooked and we perpetuate this relationship in our logo as well as in the name of our organization.

SMP Health – St. Catherine South is a ministry of SMP Health. The abbreviation “SMP” pertains to the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation. The organization’s “official” name is the “Sisters of Mary of the Presentation Health System.”

Our ministry logo for SMP Health – St. Catherine South incorporates the emblem of the Sister of Mary of the Presentation to identify and perpetuate the Sisters as the source of our ministry, its mission, history and identity.

The Emblem of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation

In 1982 the General Chapter of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation agreed to this oval symbol as a common community symbol to indicate membership in the Congregation.

The symbolism is explained by the Sisters as follows: 

The Cross represents Jesus Christ our Savior.
The M represents Mary whose daughters we are.
The Oval signifies the Church and our Congregation.
The Cross is rooted in the earth where our lives and ministry take place.

SMP Health – St. Catherine South’s Logo


The SMPHS logo is comprised of three fundamental elements:

  1. The oval emblem of the Sisters
  2. The name “St. Catherine South”
  3. The line under the name
  4. An italicized “SMP Health” underneath the horizontal line to identify St. Catherine South as part of SMP Health.